Data Recovery Services

Raj Technologies Pvt. Ltd. is the pioneer in data recovery services by continuously evolving new methods of retrieving data from a wide list of data loss cases. RTPL has also observed and classified data loss based on broader categories like causes, corruption, etc and strategic categories like environmental cases, virus behaviors, statistics and patterns, etc. This helps us to analyze data recovery cases quicker and provide appropriate solutions in time. Because we understand that when data is lost, up time matters most.

As a pioneer, we have already developed proprietary tool and software functions that ensure that you get best results out of the recovery process.

Raj Technologies has a proven record of accomplishments of providing 100% data recovery results for many companies worldwide. In addition to all this, we provide data loss prevention consultancy and software so as not to accrue data loss costs in the future. Raj Technologies provides In-Lab data recovery services for both software as well as hardware failures.

Recovery is possible in any of the cases such as:

Disk does not boot giving either of the following message :

Invalid Drive Specification
Invalid Media Type Error
Missing Operating System
General Failure Reading Drive
ROM Basic Error
Data Error Reading File

Partition corruption
Virus corruption
FAT or VFAT errors
Recovery of the crashed disk in the above cases
Encryption of One Half virus and such
Repairing corrupt data files like Dbase/FoxPro, Word docs, Excel Sheets, Mail data etc
Formatted disks as well as deleted files and missing files
Operating system failure in NTFS/XP/LINUX
Physical damages to the disk due to shock, media card damage, head damage etc
Recovering from RAID servers, RISC servers, Novell Netware servers and LINUX servers, MAC O/S etc

Types of Media Covered
Raj Technologies has expertise in recovering data from all types of :
Hard disks, Floppies, ZIP/JAZZ disks, DAT cartridges, Tape cartridges, Thumb drives, Flash cards etc

Operating Systems Covered
Data recovery services are provided for operating systems such as:
DOS, Windows 9X, Windows Me, Windows NT, Windows 2000, Win XP, RAID Servers, UNIX, LINUX, Novell NetWare, OS/2 and Macintosh.

Highlights of Our Services

While being the pioneers in data recovery and having a proven record of achievements, Raj Technologies ensures that not only is the data retrieved but also that hard disk is revived to its original state. This saves a lot of time and increases user confidence. Experts at Raj Technologies have mastered the art of disk revival by special simulation and formulas. Raj Technologies believes in providing better results, often more than what is asked for. If we find that a particular data recovery method would result in more data being recovered, we follow it.

Free Analysis


No Recovery - No Money

policy has come a long way in winning customer satisfaction.

Charges of data recovery depend on the type of corruption and not on the volume of data. Most of the recovery is done so as not to alter the existing integrity of the disk structure, and the data is transferred to another media. We also perform the analysis along with the customer, because we know, the he knows his data best. Raj Technologies has developed not only data recovery software Quick Recovery' but also data loss prevention software Crash Proof'. Raj Technologies has an expertise in anti virus techniques and have mastered tracking and preventing viruses which are the main cause of data loss and we have tamed them. Raj Technologies does many successful recoveries on drives sent to us after failed recovery attempts by others.

Our Service Methodology

Please send the hard disk to the center for expert analysis.
Also fill up the recovery form accordingly.
A brief analysis will list the recoverable data/folders.

The center manager will then quote the charges, time required and percentage of recovery possible.

If this is confirmed, the recovery is done in the stipulated time.
Recovered data is then either transferred to a CD or another hard disk for verification. Payment has to be made against data delivery at the center.

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