Internet Technologies Web 3.0

Web 2.0 / web 3.0 is a category of new Internet tools and technologies to collect the data and converse the desired community that may either be the existing customers or potential customer base. Gathering data and ideas is considered under the umbrella term “crowdsourcing”. Nowadays, small businesses uses Web 2.0 instead of hiring more expensive big corporate for “crowdsourcing” services like Innocentive.

Web 2.0 / web 3.0 tools and applications are at present the real-time as well as the real-world adoption to enable every business drives to revenues, improve productivity, close relationship with the customers and to reduce the costs thereof.

Web 2.0 / web 3.0 technology can fundamentally change the business processes by productivity gains and making user feedback an integral part of development processes. But many IT managers are shying away from the technology due to lack of knowledge as how it will fit into their business needs.

Actually, Web 2.0 / web 3.0 technologies has a greater impact on consumer related Internet technology, where various product categories include social networking, wikis, social bookmarks, blogs and RSS news feeds with effective use of technologies such as Asynchronous Javascript, XML and Ajax.

We, at Raj Technologies Pvt. Ltd. are already using such technology to deliver web-enabled front-ends for complex applications. Hence, our valued clienteles hope to improve end-user productivity or engage customer feedback with the usage of Web 2.0 technologies / web 3.0 technologies to greater automation and networking within enterprises.

Constant enrichment of our abilities with the latest development in the technological tools set our position at the supreme level. Our basic aim is to provide the best solutions and services to our customers supported with the latest and easy technologies adopted. To be precisely committed to our customers, we amplify the latest technological modifications in our services:

With broad experience gained over more than 2 decades of our operations, are ready to help our clienteles meet the requirements of the new generation in Web delivering: Next-generation Portals, Rich Internet Web Applications, Composite Applications as a Service Applications. We work closely with clients to define their business vision and strategy to plan, implement and support their Web 2.0 / web 3.0 initiatives. We identify business objectives and the benefits that Web 2.0 / web 3.0 can provide and develop a detailed roadmap for solution implementation to our valued clienteles.

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