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RAJ Technologies Pvt. Ltd. has been at the forefront of the Internet revolution in India. Its Internet Presence Division provides hosting and application Hosting services. It sales server space and dedicated Windows Hosting and Linux Hosting.

RAJ Technologies Pvt. Ltd. has tie-up with leading hosting space provider in the USA for both Linux and Windows web server.We provides hosting at Ahmedabad,India.RAJ Technologies Pvt. Ltd. has strong technical expertise in Windows 2003, IIS 6.0, Linux OS and Apache server management.We provides cheap website hosting without compromising quality with sql access mysql database hosting facilities.

With Raj Technologies Pvt. Ltd.'s hybrid server technology, you have easy access to both Windows and Linux platforms so that you don't need to choose only one programming language. All your files are stored on our Unix server, but your ASP / Access files are interpreted on our Windows 2003 server, which is a lot safer.

If a visitor requests an ASP file, our system will send the request to a IIS server which will then send the processed webpage to the visitor. Using such a system allows RAJ Technologies Pvt. Ltd. to easily add support for new platforms whenever the need arises!

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