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Strategic Planning & Consulting Expert India

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Raj Technologies Pvt. Ltd. has social media marketing Strategic Planning & Management Consulting Services, Delivering structured appointments with a team of professionally certified Social Media planning professionals. Engaging with your team to customize a planning process that meets your organization marketing needs. Facilitating robust team discussions.

We Assess your current situation and design a custom planning process for social media marketing. Then we gain a complete understanding of your current operating marketing stetergy through competitive research (PR) and your website consultation.

We select a suitable planning, simple way to organize and align your strategy, workflows, and measurement to create an effective social media marketing plan for social media marketing and construct a strategy roadmap. We discover the most effective approach to analyzing the success of strategy.

We'll Execute marketing stetergy to identify key industry influencers and develop a plan to attract and engage them. We'll create a content and engagement strategy that helps humanize your brand, empower employees as brand evangelists and reduce risk with crisis preparedness plans and policies